About Us - Company Introduction





Compliance with regulations.
While most companies struggle to maintain a clean regulatory record with government agencies, we excel in compliance with regulations and hence avoiding related penalties and delays.

Environmental safety.
We work with systems and professionals with the experience to reduce environmental impact and minimize waste.

New technology, in some cases proprietary.
Innovative ESR and infill drilling can recover oil that has been bypassed and remaining in existing oil fields.

Well-chosen properties.
By using proven geological search and analysis methods we identify appropriate producing oil fields suitable to re-complete and enhance to increase the recoverable reserves.

Integrated, flexible partnership approach.
We contract with experienced and professional operators


Strong Management Team

We have assembled a strong management team of industry veterans in their respective fields. They are experienced in Oil and Gas with emphasis on secondary recovery, new technologies, drilling, operations, public capital markets, leadership and entrepreneurship. They have experience with growth oriented early stage companies providing above average return.


Cost-effectiveness of Enhanced Secondary Recovery

Using the newest low-overhead ESR technology, we can alleviate production declines of older wells, economically. We buy productive fields and enhance them at a fraction of the cost of drilling a new well, providing excellent return-on-investment potential. ESR is environmentally friendly and cleans up and utilizes the wasted reserves bypassed by previous producers.


Infill drilling in known pools mitigates exploration risk

We search for oil field prospects that offer known existing reserves that have the potential to respond to the ESR techniques, and we also have the potential to grow those reserves by drilling into known deeper zones or adding adjacent new wells to tap into the sprawling formation.


Integrated, flexible approach to get the job done

We supplement our own operational, regulatory and geological expertise by developing and expanding strong relationships among a network of small oil and gas operators.