A Green Company - Focus on the Planet


We are aware of environmental impact in the oil and gas industry, and will focus on giving back to our planet. For each barrel of oil equivalent (boe) of production at year end, Energy 66 will plant a tree in an Alberta community chosen by the board of directors. For example, if Energy 66 is producing 1000 boe/day at year end, Energy 66 will plant 1000 trees the following spring.


Energy 66 Ltd. is a private Canadian Controlled Company based in Calgary, Alberta, engaged in production of oil and gas, with a focus on integrated Enhanced Secondary Oil and Gas Recovery (ESR). The principals and team have substantial career experience in the crude, petroleum and natural gas extraction industry.

We plan to acquire 100% working interests in existing projects, directly re-work them to increase oil production, and explore the acquired lands by drilling infill wells in known pools.