The Energy 66 Key People




Board of Advisors

Emerging companies with limited resources must develop creative external support structures. Energy 66 has developed a formal Board of Advisors network to assist with a variety of critical activities from time to time. The Board of Advisors provides advice, recommendations and guidance to the Company’s Board of Directors and management team, aiding in the establishment, growth, and profitability of the Company. 
Our advisors include industry veterans who are available as needed. So far this list is growing to include governance and strategy mentors, accountants and lawyers, geologists, landmen, and mechanical engineers.

strong management

A Strong Management Team

Our principals and team have substantial career experience in the crude, petroleum and natural gas extraction industry. Being in the startup phase, the Company recognizes that there may be areas of management and other expertise that could benefit from additional in-house staff. We will hire to fill these positions as immediate needs and opportunities present themselves.

In addition, we partner with experienced operators and industry veterans, developing strong, expanding relationships and teamwork between smaller oil and gas companies and operators.


Craig Dansereau Chairman, President and CEO

Mr. Dansereau has been an active entrepreneur in the oil and gas market for 14 years. He has formed and successfully operated a number of private companies ranging from consulting to equipment rental, and studied Petroleum Engineering (SAIT), Environmental Management (University of Calgary) and Project Management (Mount Royal University). Mr. Dansereau leads the operation’s administration and is responsible for identifying and investigating prospective acquisitions, with a strategic focus on increasing profitability and shareholder value. .


Wade Striemer, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Striemer has worked as an operations consultant for a variety of large international companies for the past 26 years. With his many years of leadership and management experience, Mr. Striemer is well versed in all aspects of the oil and gas business world. His hands on experience includes operating and maintaining wells while maximizing production, and in recent years, he has worked directly in enhanced oil recovery. He will be actively involved in overseeing the on site field work and contractors.


Danielle Dansereau PMP, Executive Vice President of Projects

Mrs. Dansereau has 15 years of operational and consulting experience in program management across various industries including Oil and Gas, Government, Public Education, and Telecommunications and High Tech. Mrs. Dansereau has expertise working on large, global, and complex strategic initiatives with a strong focus on process improvement, information management, data migration and complex organizational change projects.
Mrs. Dansereau’s focus will be on organizational efficiencies including program management , information technology and information management.